government hospital

gov·ern·ment hos·pi·tal

a hospital administered by officials of the city, county, state, or nation.
Synonym(s): public hospital
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He saw himself creeping, broken down and shabby, about the streets--dying unattended in some filthy hole of a room, or on the sordid bed of a Government hospital.
Talking to private news channel, she said no government hospital would be privatized in the province.
Summary: Karimnagar (Telangana) [India], Sep 3 (ANI): A man in Karimnagar was seen carrying the body of his seven-year-old daughter in his hands after the government hospital allegedly denied to provide an ambulance.
Summary: The patient visited the government hospital for the check-up after complaining of stomach pain.
However, they can work at another health institution beyond the duty time of their government hospitals after taking permission from the government hospital.
As for the rates that patients may have to pay, which will be higher than public hospitals, Lau said they will need to work out an ideal fee that is in between the market rate and the government hospital rate.
The decision also adds that authorised doctors are not allowed to use any workers or medical equipment of the government hospital at the private hospital or to promote for the services provided at the private hospital if it was provided in the government hospital.
Amman, Nov 24 (Petra) -- Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour Tuesday met Lawmakers from Zarqa, the president of the Hashemite University and the director of the Zarqa Government Hospital to discuss better health services in the governorate.
AS MANY as 14 people, including farmers and daily wage labourers, were duped to undergo vasectomy at a government hospital by a middleman, who had promised their families that he would help them in getting rid of their alcoholism.
Muddathir Ibrahim said he was admitted to a private hospital after feeling fatigued and remained there under observation for a couple of days and, due to his worsening condition, was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) with an immediate recommendation for transfer to a government hospital. After having spent 22 days in hospital, including 12 in the ICU, the treating doctor recommended his discharge but asked for treatment fees worth more than SR100,000 covering medical tests, ICU services and medications, he told an Arabic daily.
Of course, some states have high local government hospital spending levels because they're huge.

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