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Referring to the convoluted twisting of a short tubular structure, likened to a goose’s neck
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Benny Itzkowitz, director of product development at Gourmia, which has produced a few electric gooseneck kettles, said the kettle design came to light as they were studying the pour-over category.
Bialetti, which has a few pour-over products, also offers a stovetop gooseneck kettle, said Chris Welch, director of product management for Bradshaw Home.
If you tow with a pickup, frame-attached hitch mounts are typically located ahead of the rear axle (gooseneck and fifth wheel) or behind it (tagalong).
A gooseneck coupler attaches to a tow ball that usually is mounted in the bed of a pickup truck.
BEAUTIFUL: At Gooseneck Point TWIN PEAKS: The facilities at Snowbasin and, above, skiing at Deer Valley SOLITUDE: Paul in the vast expanses of Monument Valley
Tensor has been "very aggressive" in this category, bringing out gooseneck student desk lamps in metallic colors with beehive heads and rubber switches, better 20-watt halogen desk lamps, and combo packs for 2001 back-to-school.
Besides goosenecks, Rex-Buckeye produces a variety of die casting replacement parts including nozzles, noses, plungers, and shot sleeves for aluminum die casting.
"The goosenecks range from about 12" to 4 ft long, with bores up to about 40" deep," says Mr Sobol.
For example a 14,000-pound GTWR flatbed trailer with a gooseneck hitch might have a pair of 6,400-pound GAWR axles under it.
Adjustability is important, so manufacturers have improved and upgraded the gooseneck, swing-arm and other flexible-arm models.