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Referring to the convoluted twisting of a short tubular structure, likened to a goose’s neck
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Adesso's desk lamp lineup includes such contemporary models as the multipositional Accordion, the sleek gooseneck Prism with anodized metal shade, the Spectrum with an arm that flips over 180 degrees for a longer reach, and several rolltop desk organizer lamps and convertible models.
Tensor has been "very aggressive" in this category, bringing out gooseneck student desk lamps in metallic colors with beehive heads and rubber switches, better 20-watt halogen desk lamps, and combo packs for 2001 back-to-school.
This report displays the estimated unit production and sales for each manufacturer within the bumper-pull, gooseneck and living quarter horse trailer markets.
The goosenecks range from about 12" to 4 ft long, with bores up to about 40" deep," says Mr Sobol.
Gooseneck design with flexible camera head that can be easily adjusted to view objects at different angles and adjustable lamps for optimal lighting;
The system includes a large, 5" in diameter, rimless magnifier mounted on a flexible gooseneck.