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cu·tis an·se·ri·'na

contraction of the arrectores pilorum produced by cold, fear, or other stimulus, causing the follicular orifices to become prominent.
Synonym(s): goose flesh, gooseflesh
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Diffuse 1-3 mm bosselations or papules, fancifully likened to a goose’s skin after the feathers have been plucked
Forensics An early postmortem finding caused by rigor mortis of erector pili, commonly seen in drowning victims
Infectious disease Diffuse, finely papular rash of scarlet fever overlying an erythematous base
Substance abuse Horripilation, an early symptom of heroin withdrawal or ‘cold turkey’, which reflects marked sympathetic discharge, seen ± 8 hours after the last dose, and accompanied by yawning, lacrimation, mydriasis, insomnia, hyperactivity of the GI tract, diarrhoea, tachycardia, and hypertension
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Chapter Two, "Glands, Gooseflesh, and Hormones," reviews the hormones and brain systems involved in the stress-response: which ones are activated during stress and which ones are inhibited.
Already rising, lump in the throat, pulse That taps the fingertip; The word made flesh, gooseflesh; placid,
Some people call them "goose bumps." Others call them "gooseflesh." Some people even call them "goose pimples." No matter what you call them, one thing is certain.
When he was eight years old, my father was visited by a nightmare so powerful that half a century later the mere retelling of it would stipple his skin with gooseflesh and lift the hair on the back of his arms.
Each one was like a successful first date, filled with thrills and gooseflesh.
And that feeling I had, that gooseflesh sense of identity that I felt at seeing Nelson Mandela, listening to Mahalia Jackson sing, watching Muhammad Ali fight, or hearing Martin Luther King speak, is part of what I mean by being colored.
A reader knew a line was true poetry if it caused them to catch their breath, raised gooseflesh, or caused hair to stiffen.
Called the "Voice of Gospel Music," Sandi Patti's set of pipes can touch off an epidemic of gooseflesh. If she isn't a household name yet, it's only because she refuses to go the "pop" route and insists on blending preschool carpool duties with an international concert tour.
She saw his skin was gooseflesh. 'Not my style at all,' he said.
Withdrawal can present as agitation, rhinorrhea, dilated pupils, nausea, diarrhea, yawning, and gooseflesh. The COWS, which, as noted in the case on page 544, assigns point values to withdrawal symptoms, can be helpful in determining the severity of withdrawal.
Still, White, a longtime special-effects maven, demonstrates a reasonable grasp of how to use silence and stillness to build tension and atmosphere, and every so often he strikes an effective note of dread--sometimes even in broad daylight, where a simple bike ride through an empty tunnel can raise a surprising amount of gooseflesh.
"Roger," she said, looking at him, aware that her arms, her legs, and her stomach were stippled with gooseflesh. "What do you mean 'return them'?"