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"I'd encourage crofters and farmers to see if they're eligible for this new scheme, which will both reduce goose damage to crops elsewhere and help conserve geese.
DA Davidson's John Morris maintains a Buy rating and a $42 price target on Canada Goose.
Driver Ryan Harrington tells WCAX-TV he saw a goose waddling across the road in Burlington on Saturday.
Songster Frankie Laine might have been swooning about Canada geese in Cry of the Wild Goose, but certainly not snow geese.
In fact, it was the Roman goose that honked in the dead of night in 365 BC which alerted the Romans to an invasion of their capital city by the Gauls.
Prepared by award-winning chef Billy Cheong, the roast goose takes hours to cook, requiring the skill of a master and the patience of Job.
The weekend will celebrate their return as well as other goose species such as pink-footed geese, greylag geese, Greenland white-fronted geese and pale-bellied brent geese.
The moment came in 1997 when Grey Goose hit the market with crystal-clear ambition.
The Canadian goose had made itself comfortable on the field atComerica Parkin Detroit, US, during a rain delay.
|Grey Goose Say It Again, created by Chris Moore, founder of Coupette, London Ingredients: 40ml Grey Goose vodka, 30ml Picpoul (Grange des Rocs 2015), 2.5ml Bernard Loiseau Pear and Bay Leaf Liqueur, 5ml tarragon and/or vanilla syrup (Monin does versions of both), 1 dash celery bitters.
"Looking along the beach I could see the other goose, which I found was dead by some stepping stones.
That goose fell onto Meilhammer, knocking out two of his teeth and rendering him unconscious.