good faith

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good faith,

n honesty of intention. Generally, not a sufficient defense in a dental malpractice lawsuit.
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duty to bargain in good faith has long been present in Canadian labour
Neither situation appeared to offer particularly fertile ground for the promulgation of good faith principles and practices.
Written at the University of Hamburg, this law dissertation reviews the historical role of the principle of good faith in marine insurance contracts, demonstrates good faith in the German and French versions of marine law, and examines the principle of utmost good faith in English marine insurance law.
My fellow union members and I hope that management bargains in good faith and agrees to a contract that truly allows Los Robles health care workers to care for patients,'' Eileen Hoctor, a registered nurse at Los Robles, said in a prepared statement.
If an employee is overpaid by thousands of pounds, even if paid out in good faith, he is not entitled to keep the money.
The next step is to make sure disability claims are handled in good faith in accordance with insurance industry standards.
In addition, the decision must be made in good faith and with the best interests of the corporation in mind.
It was an acknowledgment that her offer was made in good faith and therefore, the churches wished to accept that gesture by responding in good faith," said Mr.
The final regulations (issued early this year) leave some (but not much) wiggle room by characterizing nondisclosure of an RT as a "strong indication" that the taxpayer had not relied in good faith upon the outside opinion.
The key aspect of the Bill, according to the CTU, is its good faith mechanisms and remedies to promote collective bargaining.
Good Faith works with the governor's office and the Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges to overcome barriers to enrollment.