good cholesterol

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good cholesterol

A popular term for high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol, so-called “good” because HDL cholesterol levels are inversely proportional to the risk of heart disease, see there.

'good' cholesterol

A popular term for HDL-cholesterol, see there. Cf 'Bad' cholesterol.

good cho·les·ter·ol

(gud kŏ-les'tĕr-ol)
Colloquial usage for HDL cholesterol (q.v.).

good cholesterol

An informal term for cholesterol carried in high density LIPOPROTEINS.

Patient discussion about good cholesterol

Q. what is good for high cholesteral and blood pressure? my friend just had a stroke and what because of that what can we give him to help him out?

A. i'm pretty sure that if he had a stroke- he went tho the hospital and saw a Dr. and if that's true, he probably advised your friends about medical care for cholesterol and blood pressure. so what you can do is help from the friend position- start going with him to the gym, the best help for those conditions are loosing weight and sport. and to do that you have to be persistent in your sport activity. this is much much easier to do with a friend!
are you apt to it?

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On the other hand, good cholesterol has a positive effect by taking cholesterol from parts of the body where there is too much of it, to the liver, where it is disposed of.
The only form of niacin that is clinically proven to support good cholesterol is nicotinic acid, " said Lavie.
Instead, they show that the good cholesterol has varying degrees of quality and that poor quality HDL is actually bad for you.
We have found a new and practical way to make a peptide that acts like the main protein in good cholesterol, but is many times more effective and can be delivered by eating the plant," said Alan M.
In our study, we found that people with high levels of the GPx3 enzyme and low levels of good cholesterol were six times less likely to develop cardiovascular disease than people with low levels of both," said lead author Jordan L.
HDL is known as good cholesterol as it does not increase heart disease risk
On the other hand, having too much good cholesterol protects the heart by helping to remove the build up of the bad cholesterol from the arteries," she says.
There would be no change except the good cholesterol would go down (about 32).
Scientists say the juice works by boosting your supply of so-called good cholesterol, or HDL.
Saturated fats, he writes, "will elevate your bad cholesterol, but they will also elevate your good cholesterol.
Among other advantages, increasing your fiber intake can decrease your risk for some forms of cancer, decrease bad cholesterol levels while maintaining good cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk for heart disease.