A suckerlike structure enclosing the genital pore of flukes of the family Heterophyidae.
[G. gonos, offspring, + tylē, knob]
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We identified intestinal trematodes as Acanthostomum species (35.3%), Acanthostomum diplorum (35.3%), Acanthostomum gonotyl (5.9%), Acanthostomum pavidum (35.3%), Acanthostomum scyphocephalum (47.1%), Cryptogonomid (5.9%), Proctocaecum species (52.9%), Pseudocrocodillicola americanense (11.8%), and Timoniella loosi (11.8%; Appendix 1).
Genital pore oval; gonotyl with 20-23 digitiform pockets.
Ventrogenital sac surrounded by glandular cells, with a conspicuous gonotyl with at least 23 digitiform pockets, genital pore large, oval shaped, immediately preceding the genitall sac.
Seminal vesicle free in parenchyma, sometimes coiled; oral sucker large, terminal; gonotyl present in some genera; pre- and post-acetabular pits usually present ..........