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pain in the knee.


Obsolete term for pain in the knee.
[G. gony, knee, + algos, pain]


/go·nal·gia/ (go-nal´jah) pain in the knee.


Pain in the knee.
[G. gony, knee, + algos, pain]


pain in the femorotibial joint.

Patient discussion about gonalgia

Q. Can knee pain at childhood be connected to osteoarthritis? My mother is suffering from osteoarthritis (OA). She is 72 years old and the OA is a major problem in her life. My son is 10 years old. He has a relapsing knee pain. His pain occurs mostly at day time but can wake him from sleep. The pain is in both legs. Is my son in a risk group for OA?

A. Osteoarthritis is a disease that is most commonly caused by weight gain. The problem is that weigh gain has an important genetic factor. So, it doesn't matter if your son has knee pain right now, he is in a risk group for OA. If your mom is fat, she can start a program to lower her fat rate. I used this program for me. In the beginning it was too hard so cut her some slack!

Q. how to treat knee pain nothing

A. to treat it properly you need to define it and understand the cause. to help you do that there is a wonderful site that does a short servy and help you define where your knee pain comes from:


hope it helps!

Q. I have a reccurent ache just below my knee. what can it be? I am a 18 years old healthy guy. I never go to my physician, because i never need him, but in the past 4 month i recognized a strange pain just under my knee. The area is tender to palpation and the pain excruciate during walking and running. What can it be? What can I do to prevent it? P.S. I play collage basketball and this pain ruins my games...

A. Hi mate.
I am a 21 collage student and i play soccer.
It sure sounds like something i suffered from. Go see your GP and don't worry. if it is what i had he will probably tell you that
you can take any NSAID you want, and if you will give yourself a break from competitive sport for a month or so you will be just like new :)

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