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stimulating the gonads; said of hormones of the anterior pituitary gland.
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(gō'nad-ō-trōp'ik, gon'ă-dō-),
1. Descriptive of or relating to the actions of a gonadotropin.
2. Promoting the growth and/or function of the gonads.
Synonym(s): gonadotrophic
[gonado- + G. tropē, a turning]
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1. Descriptive of or relating to the actions of a gonadotropin.
2. Promoting the growth and/or function of the gonads.
Synonym(s): gonadotrophic.
[gonado- + G. tropē, a turning]
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Case 2 had inappropriately low-normal LH and FSH values in 2008 before using TRT, and these gonadotrophic hormones were fully suppressed with TRT in April 2016.
* Kallmann's syndrome is a disorder inherited by autosomal recessive X-linked propagation, characterised by deficient synthesis of both hypothalamic-pituitary gonadotrophic hormones (FSH and LH) and is associated with anosmia/hyposmia owing to aphasia of the olfactory bulb.
The mechanism of action and metabolism of gonadotrophic hormones in the organism.
GnRH stimulates the release of two gonadotrophic hormones (gonadotropins) from the anterior pituitary gland: luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).
migratoria by daily injections of 20E in adult females would suggest that ecdysteroids could also have a gonadotrophic action in locusts (Girardie & Girardie 1996).
The pubertal growth spurt can be defined as the 2-3 year period of rapid increase in height and weight related to the change in the activity of the hypothalamus with a gradual increase in the secretion of gonadotrophic releasing hormone (GnRH).
Its main products are steroids, synthetic peptides, carbohydrates, gonadotrophic hormones, insulins and heparin.
(1994) and Lawrence (1996) confirmed the presence of a gonadotrophic hormone from the prostomium that probably mediates oogenesis, and it seems likely that the hormone is secreted only under the appropriate regimes of photoperiod and temperature.
The risk factors for developing any of the BOTs are the same as for any epithelial tumor, including incessant ovulation, foreign body carcinogenesis such as from talc, and gonadotrophic stimulation from infertility drugs.
In Talpa europaea, cyclic increase in mass of the testes corresponds with activity of the gonadotrophic cells of the anterior pituitary gland (Herlant, 1959) and increased testosterone levels in the testes (Racey, 1978); in Scalopus aquaticus, the interstitial cells (of Leydig) in the testes, which produce testosterone, begin to increase in size just before the testes increase in mass (Conaway, 1959).
(2014) reported that Pb administration significantly decreased the plasma levels of gonadotrophic (LH and FSH), and gonadal hormones (estradiol, progesterone and testosterone).