gonadal cords

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primordial sex cords

the cellular cords arising from the epithelium of the genital ridges during the indifferent state of gonadal development; they form seminiferous cords in male embryos and cortical cords in female embryos.

gonadal cords

epithelial cells derived from the coelomic epithelium that penetrate the underlying mesenchyme, where they form cords. Also called primordial sex cords.

go·nad·al cords

(gō-nad'ăl kōrdz)
Primordial sex cords formed by columns of germinal and follicle cells penetrating centripetally into the embryonic ovarian or testicular cortex.


pertaining to or arising from a gonad. See also testicular, ovarian.

gonadal cords
cords formed by epithelial cells which migrate from the mesonephric tubules in the embryo to the gonadal ridge and establish the indifferent stage of gonadogenesis.
gonadal ridge
the structures in the embryo to which the primordial germ cells migrate, and from which the gonads develop.
gonadal steroids
see steroid.
gonadal stromal tumor
tumors of granulosa cells and thecal cells of the ovary.