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Relating to a gonad.
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Relating to a gonad.
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(go'nad) (gon'ad) [Gr. gone, seed]
1. The embryonic sex before differentiation into definitive testis or ovary.
2. A generic term referring to the female ovaries and the male testes. Each forms the cells necessary for human reproduction: spermatozoa from the testes, ova from the ovaries. See: estrogen; ovary; testicle; testosterone


Female: The follicles of the ovaries secrete estrogen, which helps regulate the menstrual cycle and the development of the secondary sex characteristics. The corpus luteum also produces progesterone, which stimulates growth of blood vessels in the endometrium for the implantation of a fertilized egg. Male: The interstitial cells of the testes secrete testosterone, which is essential for maturation of sperm and for development of the secondary sex characteristics.

Hormones from both sexes have been isolated and standardized and are used to treat conditions arising from an insufficiency of these hormones.

gonadal, adjective
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Considering those 15 cases that were initially registered as male and were reassigned as female, seven had 46,XX ovarian DSD due to congenital adrenal hyperplasia, four had mixed gonadal dysgenesis, three had ovotesticular DSD, and one had 46,XY idiopathic testicular DSD.
Occasionally, the pedicle can be torn higher up, near the gonadal vessels.
The effect of different photoperiods on plasma levels of LH and gonadal maturation of female lambari (Astyanax bimaculatus).
Key imaging characteristics: Ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, and CT may show tortuous, dilated pelvic veins that measure >4 mm or a gonadal vein that measures >7 mm, consistent with pelvic or ovarian varices.
The gonads of XY pure gonadal dysgenesis have a high risk of gonadoblastoma and germ cell tumour, particularly dysgerminoma.
Podria sugerirse que los picos de [T.sub.f] previos a la temporada reproductiva son reflejo del desarrollo y activacion gonadal (Blas et al.
Scoring scheme was used to assess gonadal condition of different oyster species at different sites to map gonadal variation among species.
Al comparar el diametro de los vasos gonadales en presencia de reflujo bilateral o unilateral entre las tecnicas de medicion, se observo que en presencia de reflujo bilateral, el diametro medio de la vena gonadal derecha obtenido mediante duplex es de 8,08 mm, en comparacion con 8,59 mm calculado de manera intraoperatoria; mientras que el de la vena gonadal izquierda es de 8,55 mm por duplex y de 8,94 mm intraoperatorio.
Embryonic sex can be first distinguished by gonadal morphology on day 7 of incubation.