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Transcriptional responses in the brain, liver and gonad of Japanese ricefish (Oryzias latipes) exposed to two anti-estrogens.
The percentages of parasitic infection by gonad development stage and season of the year/seawater temperature are shown in Table 1.
Gonads, liver, kidney and gills are target organs for metals accumulation since they are metabolically actives accumulating metals sometimes in high levels [37].
In individuals having a gonad predominated by oogenic tissue and various developmental stages of oocytes, a small region appearing identical to inactive (non-secreting) TG tissue was present in the caudal region of the gonad closest to the gonoduct.
2012) this research identified 2584 siRNAs in the male gonad of sea urchin thereafter conduce to elucidate the biological roles of these small RNAs both in development and stress resistance.
Treatment with an Al also induces suppression of P450 gene expression in the gonads of genetic female flounder (Kitano et al.
In current study, it was observed that the highest levels of the MDA and GSH-Px were found in the hepatopancreas and gonad tissues when compared with muscle (P less than 0.
A gonadosomatic index, GSI=(GW/ GFBW)xlO0%, where GW=damp gonad weight and gonad-free body weight, GFBW=round weight minus GW, aggregated by month (years pooled) for each sex of adult fish, provided gravimetric evidence of gonadal growth.
The spawning season was determined through the temporal variation of the frequency of the gonad stages and by the temporal variation of the gonadosomatic index (GSI).
1, 1, 10, and 50 [micro]M) either by comparing one gonad cultured in medium containing Cd with the other gonad from the same fetus cultured in control medium (mouse) or by comparing pieces of the same gonad cultured with or without Cd (human).