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Etymology: word element, [Gr.]
combining form meaning angle.
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It should not be forgotten that GoN issuing a license also amounts to an agreement.
However, US prosecutors were unable to make drug trafficking charges stick, and the DOJ gave up its case against Ye Gon for lack of evidence after one of its witnesses recanted and another refused to testify (SourceMex, July 1, 2009).
In Group PGON and Group GON, GON blocks were repeated every week in the first month (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th week) and repeated monthly for the following 2 months.
Un cargo similar, pero para la introduccion de metanfetaminas, le hizo a Ye Gon una Corte de Columbia, en la capital estadunidense.
En una decada, las empresas de Ye Gon prosperaron tanto, que la DEA y otras agencias de inteligencia estadounidenses rastrearon envios enormes a Mexico de sustancias quimicas dignas de sospecha, procedentes de China y la India, y que podian utilizarse para la elaboracion de drogas sinteticas.
DeVore has handled cases for the Oregon State Bar's Professional Liability Fund, the mandatory provider of primary malpractice coverage for Ore gon lawyers since 1978.
Prosecutors noted that Ye Gon transferred more than $45 million to the Venetian casino from 2006 to 2007, when he was the largest all-cash up-front gambler the Venetian had ever had to that point, prosecutors said.
The GON should amend the law as needed to bring it into compliance.
Dey gon tink dey was right all along, and you, you gon tink bout what yo' faddah said, and keep askin' yo'self what da fuck one podagee anyway?
On Watch the Throne, his new album with Jay-Zwhich dropped on iTunes Sunday morningone track, "Who Gon Stop Me," begins with Kanye rapping, "This is something like the Holocaust/Millions of our people lost.
Reparations When we get our reparations It's gonna be a sight to see All the wannabees gon come back home And the bootlickers gonna change their song Mulatto Pride gon dissolution And the Creole tribe gon change their mantra Time to marry dark, marry dark, marry dark now Time to change the plan marry dark now Disappearing into Blaaaackness Lawdy Miss Clawdy