Golf Ball

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Drug slang A regional term for
(1) Crack cocaine
(2) A formulation of depressants
Sports medicine A hardened ball used to play the sport of golf
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"I knew they would be golf balls. It's a relief to get to the bottom of it, have them removed and see Louis making a recovery."
In January, American professional golfer Bubba Watson signed a multi-year deal with Volvik to use and endorse the company's extreme-performance golf ball line S4.
Golf ball divers generally work in adverse conditions in the pond.
The Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Challenge aims to analyse golfers' swing speed, launch angle and spin rates to determine the ball that delivers the most distance and accuracy for them as an individual.
During the massage, the golf ball becomes an extension of Inhee's hands.
Fitting a golf ball handle is easy if you measure the diameter of the pointed end of the file about a half inch from the tip.
Professional golfer Jake Shepherd hits a golf ball at 186kph as the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster races to catch it
"I tell people," Keller said, "I'm a professional golf ball reclamation technician.
22, 2010 (CENS) -- Launch Technologies Co., a specialized maker of golf balls in Taiwan, will set up a new plant in the industrial processing zone in Pingtung, southern Taiwan, with the new plant to raise the company's annual output from the existing 7.5 million dozens of golf balls to 10-15 million dozens within three years, turning the firm into the world's largest golf ball subcontractor.
As the first commercial application for this company's Buna CB21 neodymium polybutadiene rubber (Nd-BR), the Kira Star golf ball is said to be a revolution in golfers' sports gear.
The golf ball easement may be used with ever-increasing frequency without rendering the Defendants liable for trespass or nuisance, according to the court.