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The one exception is the case of the de facto gold standard and the greenback period.
The supreme virtue of the gold standard was that it restrained the power of the government to debase the currency.
We examine the consensus view of the gold standard in light of this standard of comparative institutional analysis.
Methods A consensus (Delphi method) was done to determine if ECDT could be used as gold standard for evident VFE (n=12 experts).
In recent decades, several journal articles and some mainline books have blamed what the authors label as "the gold standard" for the failure of the Federal Reserve System (the Fed) to pursue a countercyclical monetary policy that would have prevented the Great Contraction of 1929-33 and the subsequent Great Depression of 1933-41.
While it is of course hard to imagine any revival of the gold standard unaccompanied by a "return to liberal attitudes," or (to be more specific), classical liberal attitudes, there is an important sense in which Yeager's position, and that of others subscribing to the ethos view of the gold standard's underpinnings, is misleading.
Commenting on the award Theo de Pencier, FTA Chief Executive said: "To be awarded the Gold standard by 'Investors in People' represents a fantastic achievement for everyone at FTA.
The issue of the carbon credits followed a rigorous assessment of the scheme, which included validation and verification of the 16 participating vessels' fuel consumption data by an independent auditor, RINA Services and the Gold Standard Foundation, in line with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Clean Development Mechanism.
Gold Standard offers TCAD and EDA simulation solutions for design technology co-optimization of advanced process nodes.
Optimum Nutrition formulated Gold Standard BCAA to be highly drinkable for steady sipping throughout extended training sessions.
Salba-bote was also among the top three shortlisted campaigns for The Gold Standard Awards for NGO Engagement.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, August 07, 2016 --( Anthony Florence, president of LED Corporations, today announced the release of the Gold Standard LED tube line.