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For the CCHS, respondents were asked how often they had trouble going to sleep or staying asleep.
Luckily, there are those performances that prevent an audience from losing its course, disengaging and going to sleep.
We can, I think, imagine going to sleep, being radically transformed, and having someone else wake up, with no worry about falling into nothingness, even though we no longer exist.
Give your body at least three hours to recover from meals and rigorous exercise before going to sleep.
A hormone "alarm clock" enables some people to decide before going to sleep when they will wake up, scientists reported yesterday.
Joy Behar and her daughter Eve shop together, get facials together and go to the dermatologist together, and they share a similar beauty and skincare routine that was passed down from Joy's mother, including staying out of the sun and never, ever going to sleep with your make-up on.