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A trial comparing MACE in patients receiving iodixanol or ioxaglate during PTCA for acute coronary syndromes
Primary endpoints In-hospital MACE
Conclusion MACE is lower in high-risk patients without renal insufficiency undergoing PTCA with iodixanol than with ioxaglate
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Going to court is one of the principles of democracy.
Although the cost of using a solicitor can be a serious concern, even taking legal advice before going to court and representing yourself can be money well spent.
"I was so terrified going to court, I really thought I was going to prison,' he said.
"As both a mediator and solicitor, I fully back the process of trying to resolve couples' issues without going to court and in my experience most couples can resolve all their issues through mediation.
I know 100% it's not going to court because I didn't do it and that's it."
Summary: The Government has announced plans to close a legal loophole which enables lenders to repossess people's homes without going to court.
The DVD 'Going To Court: A Step By Step Guide To Being A Witness' has just been launched in North Yorkshire.
Previous cases have been resolved without going to court, says Emily J.
A TOP road traffic lawyer claims that nearly all speed camera prosecutions could be going to court with inadmissible evidence.
"We train families, literally, on how to understand this new life that they're dealing with from the investigation process to going to court and understanding the different facets of the criminal justice system," she says.
"We're still praying, organizing, negotiating, going to court sessions, seeking investors," they wrote in an update e-mail to their supporters.
Casinos, car dealerships, and other "cash intensive" businesses join the War on Terror as the FBI gets the power to demand records from them without first going to court.