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Genus of anthropoid apes that includes the gorilla and chimpanzee. Pan panisus and Pan troglodytes are chimpanzee species used in biologic experiments.
[G. myth. god of forest]


polyarteritis nodosa.


Greek mythological god of the forest.
panic - extreme and unreasoning anxiety and fear.
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The feeling among the workforce is the government needs to intervene in this and keep the factory open otherwise it'll be another major British industry going down the pan.
LOAN star Shaun Lunt feared his career was going down the pan at the start of the season, playing in front of a few men and no dogs for Huddersfield's Under-20s.
It's getting more farcical by the minute, with thousands of pounds going down the pan.
Jobs are going down the pan and the Government are doing nothing about it - we need them to do much more.
And as planners argue over the best spot, the town's coffers were going down the pan.
I could see my job going down the pan, my wife and my life.
Our country risks going down the pan because the Government is obsessed with reducing the deficit over a plan for huge economic growth, surely the best way to slash the deficit.
This country has been going down the pan ever since the death penalty was done away with in 1965.
I'm telling you, the day we start handing out millions to prisoners because they don't like the conditions inside, is the day we can truly say this country is going down the pan.