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1. A screen cover for the eye.
2. A type of spectacle with auxiliary shields for protecting the eyes.
[M.E. gogelen, to squint]
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L3 Technologies (NYSE:LLL) has announced that it has been awarded a three-year, USD 391 million contract from the US Army Contracting Command to provide soldiers with true next-generation Binocular Night Vision Goggles that improve mobility, targeting and maneuverability for ground forces, the company said.
* Non-vented: This style of goggle is completely sealed and does not have any vents.
Brands worth noting include Giro, whose Zeiss lenses offer exceptional optional clarity and performance, and Australian brand Smith, whose outstanding ergonomic designs and anti-fog technology make its goggles a perennial favourite.
"The Acuity Goggle is ANSI Z87 compliant and is validated and generally appropriate for use in both aseptic and non-aseptic environments," Rataj said.
BEIRUT: Internationally, experts have showered Hind Hobeika in accolades for her high-tech goggle attachment, which aims to help swimmers track their workouts.
The i-Aware TM-NVG is an advanced, multipurpose night vision goggle that connects the individual soldier to the larger tactical network.
After a normal launch and "goggle up," the section of Hornets checked in with the airborne forward air controller (FAC(A)) as they continued their climb to the air tasking order assigned altitude of 13,000 feet.
"[The receiver], developed in an attempt to ensure weapons were truly hitting their mark, combines existing technology into a pair of binocular-like goggles. They allow ground forces to see laser signatures and ensure the correct targets are being painted by aircrews," Parrott said.
and MultiGen-Paradigm to provide the F-16 Networked Training Center at Luke Air Force Base with a high-fidelity NVG training capability that realistically and precisely simulates what F-16 pilots actually see through night-vision goggles when they fly nighttime missions.
Until recently, the choice was limited to the old sun, wind, and dust goggles (SWDG); the ballistic/laser protective spectacles (BLPS); and the special protective eyewear cylindrical system (SPECS).
Iles Focus, a division of ADCO PROTECTIVE TECHNOLOGIES, has launched Panoclear, a medium energy impact goggle that offers panoramic vision, extreme temperature protection and wearer comfort.
The ESS land operations goggle can be worn by Soldiers who require prescription eyeglasses and those who do not.