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1. A screen cover for the eye.
2. A type of spectacle with auxiliary shields for protecting the eyes.
[M.E. gogelen, to squint]
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Do not use this type of goggle for liquid, dust, or caustic vapor protection
Brands worth noting include Giro, whose Zeiss lenses offer exceptional optional clarity and performance, and Australian brand Smith, whose outstanding ergonomic designs and anti-fog technology make its goggles a perennial favourite.
The Acuity Goggle is ANSI Z87 compliant and is validated and generally appropriate for use in both aseptic and non-aseptic environments," Rataj said.
Exelis and Selex ES, in October 2012, had signed an exclusive cooperation agreement for the supply of this particular night vision goggle into the Italian market.
To cut a long story short, the goggles were refined over many months, and today more than 60 industries, from harness-racing to mining, are using 'Safe Eyes' goggles.
All aircrew members were wearing night vision goggles.
Until recently, the choice was limited to the old sun, wind, and dust goggles (SWDG); the ballistic/laser protective spectacles (BLPS); and the special protective eyewear cylindrical system (SPECS).
The F-16 flight simulators, powered by Silicon Graphics(R) Onyx(R) family of graphics supercomputers, are a critical part of the NVG training program, providing a safe and cost-effective virtual environment for pilots to hone their goggle skills before flying an F-16 using NVGs.
The ESS land operations goggle can be worn by Soldiers who require prescription eyeglasses and those who do not.
Until recently, the choices were limited to the old sun, wind, and dust goggles (SWDG); the ballistic laser protective spectacles (BLPS); and the special protective eyewear, cylindrical system (SPECS).
The Goggle Deskbar is a handy utility that allows you to search the Web with Goggle while you are using other computer applications.
In their initial position, the paddles would rest perpendicular to the goggle surface and allow light through.