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In psychology, any object or objective that an organism seeks to attain or achieve.
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The desired outcome of actions to alter status or behavior.
See: nursing goal
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Q. Weight Loss Goals I like to loose weight. I often get more advise abut goals to achieve it. What Weight Loss Goals are best?

A. the best goals are the ones you can manage yourself by having pleasure to do so. there is nothing wrong or better as long you feed as natural as possible. biological food with as less as possible artificial ingredients. learn about sugar:
learn about water with Dr. med. F. Batmanghelidj
learn about detoxication of your body
make the things slowly and respect your body. we are all individuals and need individual solutions. perhaps you take a look also on this:
Tell me if you need more help.

Q. What are the main goals of treatment in children with autism? I want to know what are the main goals to achieve in treating a child with autism, and how long it takes for results.

A. The main purpose of treating autism are to assist the child and the family in relieving the child’s autism's core symptoms of social and communication impairments. This is done by long and intensive therapy, by a multidisciplinary staff of caregivers. The progression is usually slow, however most children do show improvement in these greatly affecting fields of daily life.

Q. Are there any goals set for fitness training depending on the person’s health and age? I am a guy who satisfies others’ needs without any selfish motive. But I worry whether I am able to satisfy my girlfriend’s wish. She wants me to develop my body by going to a gym. Spurred on by my romantic frame of mind, I joined a gym last month and soon I was admitted in hospital. Doctors said that I didn’t follow the right procedure or could have not taken right guidance from a fitness trainer. I doubt my fitness trainer or the procedure that he used to guide me was right or wrong. Now please let me know that before you enroll in a gym what are the things that the fitness trainer will suggest and are the exercises tailor-made for each person? Are there any goals set for fitness training depending on the person’s health and age? Can I satisfy my girl-friend’s wish finally?

A. I too think so... It depends on the club and how competent/capable the trainer is. Most of the trainers will execute an initial testing to determine body fat, flexibility, blood pressure, etc. You will be asked your goals – the greater the strength, the more endurance, etc. Some will recommend specific exercise if you request them. Most of the trainers at gyms will suggest exercises after you join, so you need to ask questions before you join to determine what will and can be done. Other members can also be asked how they have been guided. Stop by at the gym several times before you join to see how crowded they are, if the equipment would be made available to you when you need it and if it is kept clean and hygienic. There are no set standards, so the person involved should be aware and informed. Do not strain yourself too much. All the best in your life!

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| A deserted Kingston Park on |February 29, 2008, when the Falcons' Premiership clash against London Wasps was called off due to extreme weather - high winds tore sheets of metal from the roof of the West Stand and snapped a goalpost in two (below)
If so, it was in vain because today, Mr W D "Bill" Jones, chairman of Penygraig RFC, said: "These are not the highest goalposts in the country because we discovered that Bath RFC have goalposts about 43ft high."
The goalposts were taken away from the village recreation ground as part of an investigation by police and the Health and Safety Executive.
"So I guess, you know, you could call that moving the goalposts, if you
But if Mr Brown thought it was right before -as he boasted at every opportunity -why did he shift the goalposts? It was nothing to do with inflation or interest rates or how to run the economy.
A 16-year-old boy and two friends at a high school soccer field without adult supervision climbed the mobile soccer goalpost. As one person climbed on the horizontal header of the 600-pound steel goalpost, the goalpost tipped forward and struck the head of the 16-year-old, who was hanging from the header, and rendered him unconscious.
The hearing was told Casey tried to get his foot free but accidentally pulled the heavy metal goalpost down onto him.
TARGET: Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary DISTURBANCE: Police and stewards trying to release John Foley after he handcuffed himself to the goalpost. He was then led away by officers, right
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Casey Breese was playing with pals on a village recreation ground in Caersws, near Newtown in Powys, Wales, when the goalposts collapsed, police said last night.
Andrew died when an FAI-approved target net fixed to a portable goalpost was caught in a gust of wind, pulling it down on top of him Miriam said: "It happened to a little boy in Donegal, a girl in Cork, and a boy was killed only 11 months before Andrew in Dundalk."
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