A class of hydrolytic enzymes that act on glycosides; α-glycosidases act on α-glycosidic linkages (for example, α-amylase) whereas β-glycosidases act on β-glycosidic linkages (for example, β-glucosidase). They can be further divided into those enzymes that act on O-glycosyl, N-glycosyl, or S-glycosyl compounds.
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"Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) are the third largest solid component of human milk (after lactose and fat) even in times of famine, and yet these free glycans are not digestible by the infant as the human gut does not produce the glycosidases necessary to cleave the HMO linkages," say Mark A.
Swainsonine is an inhibitor of lysosomal a-mannosidase, Golgi mannosidase II and other calystegines that are potent glycosidase inhibitors, and it is suggested that these inhibitors disrupt intestinal glycosidases, lysosomal function, and glycoprotein processing, leading to enzymatic dysfunction and accumulation of complex oligosaccharides in the lysosomes of nervous and epithelial cells (COLEGATE et al., 1979; DORLING et al., 1980; STEGELMEIER et al., 2008).
However, chronic infection results in the depletion of goblet cells and quantitative and qualitative alteration in mucus layers due to both altered synthesis and secretion of mucins and to microbial glycosidases and proteases.
It is caused by genetic mutations in the CTSA gene, which causes a deficiency or reduced activity of the protective protein cathepsin A (PCCA) [4, 5]; PCCA forms a complex with other two glycosidases: betagalactosidase (beta-GAL) and neuraminidase 1 (NEU1).
Recently, more and more attention has been paid to the determination of salivary lysosomal glycosidases in many oral and systemic diseases [11].
Maturation reactions continue in endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi lumens by the successive actions of glycosidases and glycosyltransferases.
Glycosidases show perfect selectivity in transglycosylation reactions, giving rise to only one isomer because the formation of undesired isomer becomes impossible due to the steric hindrance caused by the wall of amino acid residues in the active site of enzyme (Fig.
Lactobacilli are able to produce polysaccharide depolymerases and glycosidases, which can improve the digestibility of nutrients by degrading the structural polysaccharide in plant cell wall [30].
CathA protects sialidase 1 (also known as Neu1) and [beta]-galactosidase ([beta]-Gal) glycosidases against proteolytic degradation by the composition of the LMC and activates Neu1.
II six new pyrrolidine alkaloids, broussonetine A, B, E, F and broussonetinine A and B, as inhibitors of glycosidases from Broussonetia kazinoki SIEB,"Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, vol.
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