The chief protein of soybeans; a globulin that is structurally similar to arachin, edestin, and excelsin.
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A sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis profile demonstrated that the [alpha]' and [alpha] subunits of [beta]-conglycinin and the acidic chains of glycinin gradually degraded.
Ara h 3 Cupin (Legumin-type, 11s globulin, Glycinin) had a molecular weight of 37KDa.
Some soybean proteins, such as glycinin, [beta]-conglycinin, trypsin inhibitors, lectins and other minor proteins, can negatively impact on intestinal morphology of pigs [11-13].
The thermal denaturation temperatures of [beta]-conglycinin and glycinin were reported to be 65-75 and 85-95[degrees]C [40].
The important component for soy protein isolate is glycinin and [beta] conglycinin [64, 65].
Soy proteins consist of albumins and globulins, it contains 90% of storage proteins with globular structure, composed mainly in 7S ([beta] conglycinin) and 11S (glycinin) globulins [5].
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For example, glycinin has secondary structure alterations and the surface hydrophobicity increases upon heating [8, 9].
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compare, in a randomized double-blind study, the effects of consuming low glycinin soymilk (LGS), conventional soymilk (S), or bovine milk (M) on the intestinal microbiome in overweight and obese men.