glyceryl monostearate

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glyc·er·yl mon·o·ste·a·rate

the ester of glycerol and one molecule of stearic acid; used in the manufacture of cosmetic creams and dermatologic preparations.
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Occasionally the animaerived additive glyceryl monostearate is used as a foam control agent in the production of keg beers.
www.akzonobel.corri/PersonalCare INGREDIENTS WT % Phase A Deionized water 64.02 Carbopol 940 (2% soln.) (Lubrizol) 20.00 Disodium EDTA 0.05 FLEXAN II polymer (AkzoNobel) 2.00 (Sodium polystyrene sulfon a te) Phase B Lanette MY (Cognis) (Cetearyl alcohol) 2.00 Glyceryl monostearate 1.00 DC 245 (Dow Corning) (Cyclomethicone) 1.50 Crodamol GTCC (Croda) (Caprylic/capric triglyceride) 2.50 Brij 721 (Croda) (Steareth-21) 0.80 Brij 72 (Croda) (Steareth-2) 0.50 Phase C Hydrovance moisturizing agent (AkzoNobel) 5.00 (Hydroxyethyl urea) Citroflex-2 (Morflex) (Triethyl citrate) 0.13 Glydant Plus Liquid (Lonza) (DMDM hydantoin 0.50 (and) iodopropynyl butylcarbamate) Phase D 20% TEA (Triethanolamine) q.s.
Also included are some of the additives that are derived from the chemical transformation of those ingredients, including stearyl alcohol (source: stearic acid, methyl stearate) and glyceryl monostearate (source: palm oil, tallow, stearic acid and glycerin, methyl stearate and glycerin).
Water 38.5 Triethanolamine 2.0 PVP 2.0 Hydroxyethylcellulose 1.0 Propylene glycol 5.0 Pigment 10.0 Phase B Glyceryl monostearate 4.0 White beeswax 8.0 Stearic acid 4.5 Carnauba wax 5.0 3M Silicones Plus Polymer (3M) 20.0 (SA70 in cyclopentasiloxane) PROCEDURE: In separate containers, thoroughly mix the ingredients in each phase listed in order and heat to 80[degrees]C.