glycerol kinase

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glyc·er·ol ki·nase

an enzyme that catalyzes a reaction between ATP and glycerol to yield sn-glycerol 3-phosphate and ADP; in adipose tissue, the first and rate-limiting step in the synthesis of triacylglycerols; deficiency results in the disruption of adrenal, muscle, and/or liver and brain function.
Synonym(s): glycerokinase
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He was consulted to our clinic due to coexistence of developmental delay, congenital adrenal hypoplasia, glycerol kinase deficiency and DMD.Chromosomal analysis was 46,XY.
Glycerol kinase was not detected in animals, symbiotic or bleached, but only in Symbiodinium extracts, detecting a polypeptide with an apparent molecular weight of 55kDa (data not shown).
Serum creatine phosphokinase (CPK) and triglycerides were investigated to evaluate complex glycerol kinase (GK) deficiency and were measured as 5758 U/L (normal range: 68-580) and 1193 mg/dL(normal range: 35-110), respectively.
Pickens, "Duchenne muscular dystrophy, glycerol kinase deficiency, and adrenal insufficiency associated with Xp21 interstitial deletion," The Journal of Pediatrics, vol.
Hepatocytes use the glycerol released by AT during lipolysis for the phosphorylation of glycerol to G3P via the enzyme glycerol kinase (8).
Isobutylmethylxanthine (IBMX), glycerol kinase, glycerol phosphate oxidase, dexamethasone, adenosine-5-triphosphate (ATP), and liquid scintillation cocktail (Cytoscint) were supplied by ICN (Ohio, USA).
The common colorimetric assays include glycerol kinase and glycerol triphosphate oxidase, producing hydrogen peroxide, which in the presence of peroxidase results in a measurable color.
Glucocorticoid deficiency was observed only in one (0.4%) patient with glycerol kinase deficiency.
Glycerol kinase deficiency alters expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, and insulin signaling.
Glycerol kinase (GK) [3] is a 553-amino acid protein (1) that catalyzes the phosphorylation of glycerol to glycerol 3-phosphate by ATP in a variety of tissues, most prominently liver and kidney.
For triglyceride measurements in fresh serum (10 [micro]L) or on filter discs, the enzymatic reagent contained lipase, glycerol kinase, glycerol-3-phosphate oxidase, peroxidase, ATP, 4-chlorophenol, and 4-amino antipyrine in PIPES buffer (5).