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, glycerine (glis'e-rin) (e-ren?) [Gr. glykeros, sweet + -ine]
C3H8O3; a trihydric alcohol, trihydroxy-propane, present in chemical combination in all fats. It is a syrupy colorless liquid, soluble in all proportions in water and alcohol. It is made commercially by the hydrolysis of fats, esp. during the manufacture of soap, and is used extensively as a solvent, a preservative, and an emollient in various skin diseases.
Synonym: glycerol
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The fed rooster assay based on Sibbald (1976) was used to determine the dry matter digestibility, AMEn and TMEn of the two sources of crude glycerine. Crude glycerines used in this experiment were obtained from large (CGI) and medium scale (CG2) plants located in the Southern Thailand.
Caption: Figure 3: Morphology of wear particles under the lubrication of glycerine. (a) Plots of the wear rate versus different concentrations of glycerine.
Cargill added that it based its decision to build a glycerine refinery due to the increase in demand for the product noticed in recent years.
"The State Food and Drug Administration has investigated this matter, and concluded that the Taixing city glycerine factory was not classed as a pharmaceutical production business and CNSC Fortune Way was not classed as a pharmaceutical sales business," the ministry stated.
The price of glycerine in Europe tumbled from approximately 1,000 [euro] ($1,200) a metric ton three years ago to 450 [euro] per ton by October.
The news service noted that the JV will also offer glycerine, a byproduct of biodiesel.
The buyout will see Lambson transfer its glycerine and ammonium sulphate production facilities to Teesside, ensuring the future of Koppers's Port Clarence works.
The corporation is also expected to make money from the glycerine which is a by-product of the fuel making process.
Tea Rose Glycerine Heart Soaps, three for $15,
Clearly Natural Soaps has a festive array of vegetable-derived glycerine soaps that make wonderful seasonal gifts and great stocking stuffers, or that liven up your kids' bathtimes.
The site currently offers six of Dow's highest-volume epoxy resins plus glycerine. Specification sheets are also available.
The Dow Chemical Company, tel:+1 517 636 3369, have increased the purity of synthetic glycerine, produced at the company's facility in Stade, Germany.