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A class of simple proteins occurring in the seeds of grain; soluble in dilute acids and bases, but not in neutral solutions (for example, glutenin from wheat and orycenin in rice). They have glutamin-rich domains and serve as storage proteins.
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The glutelin fraction remaining in the meal was then extracted with 0.
The glutelin fraction was less affected by heat stress.
The zein content was reduced by 61 and 45%, and the glutelin content was reduced by 36 and 33% of the control endosperms, in the growth chamber and field studies, respectively (Fig.
Following this, the nitrocellulose membrane was incubated with polyclonal antibodies specific for rice glutelin (Krishnan et al.
The rice glutelin, the most abundant storage protein of rice endosperm (Krishnan and Okita, 1986), is composed of two major subunits of 34 to 37 kDa ([Alpha]-subunit) and 21 to 22 kDa ([Beta]-subunit).
Structural relationship among the rice glutelin polypeptides.
In this study, we used antibodies raised against purified rice endosperm globulins and against glutelins and have demonstrated that similar proteins accumulate within protein bodies in the embryo.
The prolamins and the glutelins, which are the two predominant groups of proteins in endosperm tissue (Muench and Okita, 1996), occurred at relatively low levels in embryos (Fig.