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a disinfectant used in aqueous solution for sterilization of heat-sensitive equipment and instruments; it is a broad-spectrum microbicide effective against all vegetative bacteria, fungi, and viruses, is sporicidal, and may be used as a liquid sterilant with an extended exposure time. It is also used as a tissue fixative for light and electron microscopy.
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A dialdehyde used as a fixative and as a germicidal agent for disinfection and sterilization of instruments or equipment that cannot be heat sterilized.
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Briefly, 100 uL medium was poured in each well and each disinfectant was serially diluted two fold as BZK (320 uL/mL, 160uL/mL, 80uL/mL, 40uL/mL, 20uL/mL, 10 uL/mL, 5 uL/mL, 2.5 uL/mL, 1.25uL/mL and 0.625uL/mL) and PHMB and Glutaral C11-C19 Pareth 9 (64 uL/mL, 32uL/mL, 16uL/mL, 8uL/mL, 4uL/mL, 2uL/mL, 1uL/mL, 0.5uL/mL, 0.25uL/mL, 0.125uL/mL).
Glutaral C11-C15 Pareth 9 showed Susceptibility pattern of isolates: Efficacy against 14.28% isolates of Pseudomonas spp.
The ZOI of Glutaral C11-C15 Pareth 9 was found to be 13mm for Serratia spp.
The mean MIC value of Glutaral C11-C19 Pareth 9 for E.coli was (20.00 +- 9.79) followed by Pseudomonas spp., (19.40 +- 9.07), Vibrio spp.
Differed non-significantly while the mean MIC value of Glutaral C11-C19 Pareth 9 differed significantly for Pseudomonas spp.