glu·tam·yl (E, Glu, Glx),

(glū-tam'il, glū'tă-mil),
The radical of glutamic acid from which either the α- or the δ-hydroxyl group has been removed.
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(E) (glū'tă-mil)
The radical of glutamic acid from which either the α- or the δ-hydroxyl group has been removed.
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Gamma glutamyl transferase also decreased significantly, suggesting a reduction in hepatocellular oxidative stress.
The primary efficacy endpoint of the mid-stage trial is change in gamma glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) at week 24.
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After the second cure, Disease Activity Score 28 decreased to 4.5, and serum alkaline phosphatase and gamma glutamyl transferase levels regressed to 82 U/L and 23 U/L, respectively.
Microbes were also categorized on the basis of their capability to biosynthesize specific enzymes (Pyrrolydonyl-Arylamidase, Acetyl Glucosaminidase, Glutamyl transferase, Glucosidase, Xylosidase, Glutamyl, Proline & Tyrosine arylamidase, Lactate & Succinate alkalinisation, etc), to resist antimicrobial agents such as 2,4 Diamino-6,7-diisopropylpteridine (O/129) or to assimilate other metabolites (Malate/ Lactate), etc as represented in table 2.
Abbreviations: Erk, extracellular signal-regulated kinase; GGT, gamma glutamyl transpeptidase; GM-CSF, granulocyte monocyte colony-stimulating factor; IL-1[beta], interleukin-1[beta] IL-6, interleukin-6; MMP, matrix metalloproteinase; TIMP, tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase; TNF-[alpha], tumour necrosis factor-[alpha]; VEGF, vascular endothelial growth factor.
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