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A gene on chromosome 1p34.2 that encodes glucose transporter type 1, a key glucose transporter in the blood-brain barrier.

Molecular biology
SLC2A1 mutations cause paroxysmal exertion-induced dyskinesia.


pronounced as rut, slut Vox populi An excess of a service or skilled labor in a particular area. See Physician glut.


Abbreviation for “glucose transporter, ” a family of six closely related cell membrane proteins that carry glucose from the blood into cells. Slightly different glucose transporters are found in different organs (e.g., in brain, muscle) and are designated GLUT 1, GLUT 2, up to GLUT 6.
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When you consider the level of uncertainty in each of the main variables that will ultimately determine how the current glut evolves, it is not difficult to imagine a set of quite reasonable assumptions that would result in the global glut growing while imagining another set of equally reasonable assumptions that would cause the glut to dissipate.
Editor's note: Gray is a rural sociologist with USDA's Cooperative Programs; Martin is a worker-owner of Glut Cooperative.
Whether it was a glut of excess intended saving (the so-called global saving glut) or a shortfall of investment intentions, the result was the same: a fall in global real long-term interest rates and their associated capitalization rates.
In other words, while a "savings" glut may contribute to low interest rates and fuel excess credit creation, it is not the main cause.
Japan and India will fare better--Japan is the best placed of the Eurasian surplus countries to shrink its savings glut, and India's economy is domestic demand driven rather than export driven, with a current account deficit.
Chuck Bachrach, director of Media Resources and Programming for the West Coast ad agency Rubin, Postaer and Associates, recently issued a report to advertisers assessing the fall season, pointing to the glut of serialized shows as a concern.
Acute regulation by insulin of phospha-tidylinositol-3-kinase, Rad, Glut 4, and lipoprotein lipase mRNA levels in human muscle.
Unfortunately, the glut has not taught internationalfinancial institutions, developed countries, and commodity-producing nations their lesson.
teens' glut of simple-carbohydrate foods may be hazardous to the skin.
UC Davis graduate school of management dean Robert Smiley told Wine Industry Financial Symposium participants in October that "the grape glut means better quality grapes are available to winemakers at lower cost.
Companies are adopting and growing their storage area networks to manage their email glut as much as their critical database storage.
Cl] is the relative permeabilities of Glut and CF, and z, F, R, and T have their usual meanings.