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The ground is as testing as I've known it, it's hard work and very gluey.
Once he was level with the leader, though, with a furlong to go, he disdainfully stretched his legs and, although clearly disliking the gluey, tiring ground, won comfortably.
Mark Bradstock, trainer of the runner-up Carruthers, said: "I'm over the moon and I've always said that in that gluey ground he's not quite strong enough yet.
When these chemical bump into acidic industrial air pollution, a chemical reaction occurs creating tiny gluey droplets as aerosols--and that is unhealthy, warned researchers from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the USA (they have been working with the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and the University of Otago, New Zealand).
I much prefer tomake soup with parsnips earlier in the season than later, as they tend to become woody and slightly gluey when pureed.
The ground that day, officially soft, was very gluey and Dundiclou never appeared happy.
According to legend, the west-coast team tried just about everything to keep its archrival running in circles: Some say that the Raiders coated their palms with a gluey substance known as "stickum.
I think he's fit enough to do himself justice, so long as it's not too gluey.
At the 6th International Symposium on Aphids in Rennes, France, last year, the research team described Asian aphids that repair rips in their galls with a gluey substance that comes out of their bodies.
Pat (Eddery) said that bottom bend was very gluey, very sticky.
Kim Bailey's eight-year-old, a winner between the flags in Ireland, trotted up on her debut at Towcester in gluey conditions with a ton in hand.