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Then, after largely failing to follow through on that promise, declaring the glue sniffing problem to be societal, and out of the company's hands."
New research has revealed the danger to the unborn childbeing carried by "glue sniffing" females.
A post mortem revealed death was caused by a drugs overdose and glue sniffing.
One child told me that boredom was a cause of glue sniffing, so you could try to arrange some activities to keep him occupied.
According to charity Re-Solv, the North East has the highest death rate in England from solvent abuse, which includes glue sniffing, over the last 10 years.
WE don't hear much about glue sniffing anymore, although it was seen to be a huge problem in the 80s.
Because Danny had started glue sniffing in the four weeks leading to his death Gerard believes social services were unwilling to help.
The survey of 15 and 16-year-olds showed that cannabis was the most popular choice but some had tried amphetamines, nitrites or volatile substances such as glue sniffing.
Nicholas Cartwright, mitigating, said the incident arose because Miss Boyd had made a comment about Bryan's brother, who died from glue sniffing.
Last week one of them was caught by the police for glue sniffing and I am really scared that my brother is doing it too.
No one was glue sniffing. I think that is a stupi d thing to suggest."