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The radical of glucose that has lost its hemiacetal (C-1) OH.
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Thus, due to the low abundance/absence of the ion at m/z 323 on the M[S.sup.2] spectra (Figures 3(d) and 3(e)), the CQA glycosides were putatively annotated as 3-0-(4'-0-caffeoyl glucosyl) quinic acid and 4-0-(4'-0-caffeoyl glucosyl) quinic acid (Figures 3(d) and 3(e); Table 2).
Although Bt[alpha]GTase is not able to elongate several glucosyl units, this low disproportionation activity could be advantageous for the preparation of a single glucosyltransfer product and to enhance the availability of the acceptor molecule.
The group of other triterpenoids carrying carboxylic acid function on carbon 24 of the non-sugar part of molecules and more particularly glucosyl derivative of bartogenic acid (GluBA) attracted our attention.
Peak 2 yielded an [[M-H].sup.-] ion at 579.2096 (C28H35O13, error = 3.1 ppm) and a product ion at 417 ([[M-H-Glc].sup.-]) indicated the loss of a glucosyl (Glc) moiety, which further yielded an ion m/z 181 (syringyl) owing to the [alpha],[beta]-cleavage of the phenolic ether [26].
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Glucosyl gallates (Maldonado et al., 2011), Naphthalenes (Tsuboi et al., 1977), and Catechins (Sill et al..
Zinc also efficiently inhibits the production of glucosyl transferases in the bacteria and this will affect the colonization of bacterial pathogens and subsequent development and accumulation of dental plaque.
Functional genomics uncovers three glucosyl transferases involved in the synthesis of the major sweet glucosides of Stevia rebaudiana.
It can produce large amounts of extracellular glucan from sucrose by the enzyme glucosyl transferase.
Streptococcus mutans generates the enzyme glucosyl transferases (GTFs) and with the help of this enzyme it produces water insoluble extracellular polysaccharides from the metabolism of sucrose in diet.
Finely, the activity of one more enzyme (transferring xylosyl moiety instead of glucosyl one, xylosyl-2"-transferase, X2"T) was found in the case of Rubus occidentalis; it may be estimated according to equation:
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