glucose oxidase

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glu·cose ox·i·dase

an antibacterial flavoprotein enzyme, obtained from Penicillum notatum and other fungi, which is antibacterial only in the presence of glucose and oxygen, its effect being due to the oxidation of d-glucose to d-glucono-δ-lactone, with the coconversion of O2 to H2O2; used in the preservation of food and in assays for glucose levels.
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Because the accuracy of the glucometer depends on several factors, future research might concentrate on comparing results of other types of glucometers, such as amperometric and glucose oxidase colorimetric systems, with those of standard methodology.
The most common versions work like this: One wire, the anode, is coated with an enzyme, such as glucose oxidase or GOx, that reacts with glucose.
We report here the detection of polymorphism in hyper Glucose Oxidase producing A.
The medium was collected and its glucose concentrations were determined by the glucose oxidase method.
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This step is followed by the oxidation of the produced glucose or galactose catalysed by glucose oxidase (GOD, EC or galactose oxidase (GAO, EC, respectively (Scheme 1).
Increase in %age yield of calcium gluconate at 125 g/l glucose concentration might be due to fact that at this concentration, glucose oxidase activity in Aspergillusniger was maximum which resulted in the high yield of calcium gluconate.