glucose oxidase

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glu·cose ox·i·dase

an antibacterial flavoprotein enzyme, obtained from Penicillum notatum and other fungi, which is antibacterial only in the presence of glucose and oxygen, its effect being due to the oxidation of d-glucose to d-glucono-δ-lactone, with the coconversion of O2 to H2O2; used in the preservation of food and in assays for glucose levels.
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Isolation, purification and characterization of a novel glucose oxidase from Penicillium sp.
In the double-layer structure, the optical substrate--glass or optical polymer--was coated with a primary layer containing the oxygen sensitive ruthenium complex, and a secondary layer containing the enzyme glucose oxidase (Fig.
The YSI analyzer uses glucose oxidase to measure the glucose concentration in duplicate with 2 glucose channels.
Amperometric biosensor sensitive to glucose and lactose based on co-immobilization of ferrocene, glucose oxidase, [beta]-galactosidase and mutarotase in [beta]-cyclodextrin polymer.
The investigators found that adding xylanase, glucose oxidase and ascorbic acid changed some of the bread's characteristics.
Half of the class performs the glucose oxidase procedure and the other half performs the glucose hexokinase procedure.
Methods using glucose dehydrogenase with NAD as co-factor (GDH-NAD), hexokinase or glucose oxidase are specific for glucose and do not exhibit interference as a result of interfering sugars.
Glucose oxidase is sensitive to heat and light, and could be destroyed in the processing of commercial honey.
Strano and his colleagues coated carbon nanotubes with glucose oxidase, an enzyme that breaks down glucose molecules.
An electrical lead from the pump is tunneled up the chest, and its sensor, an electrode that detects glucose oxidase, is placed at the junction of the superior vena cava and the right atrium.
All glucose concentrations were measured at a single central laboratory via a glucose oxidase method.