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A trademark for a portable monitor that measures blood glucose levels.
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Blood glucose meter, glucose meter Lab medicine A dedicated point-of-care device that quantifies serum glucose at the bedside in < 5 minutes. See Phlebtech, Point-of-care testing.
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A device used to measure sugar levels in blood.
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There is no statistically significant association between glucometer users' gender and their age, level of education or DM duration prior to recruitment into the study (p>0.05) as shown in Table 2.
Other screening tests being used included: a random venous blood glucose by 53 (25.24%), a fasting capillary blood glucose using glucometer by 5 (2.85%), a random capillary blood glucose using glucometer by 8 (3.81%) and HbA1c by 20 (9.52%) respondents (Table-II).
? Having type 1 diabetes means saying good bye to active lifestyle: The administration of multiple injections daily was a limiting factor in people's lives, but with modern innovative therapies using glucometer enabled insulin pumps help type 1 diabetic children and adult alike in leading active lifestyle.
A 30-day glucometer download was also obtained during participants' clinic appointments to calculate average blood glucose (BG) checks per day (if the meter was not available, participants estimated BG checks per day and this was documented separately).
Routine glucometer readings are costly in terms of time, money, and mental energy of clinicians, and do not add value, they wrote.
The ICMR has found a commercial partner to market the device but is not sure when the affordable glucometer will be available with the chemists.
Reports say that the pain will be less than even the pin prick method that is employed by glucometers that are currently available in the market.
glucose estimation by glucometer and laboratory glucose oxidase method by using the same venous sample.
(SeeNews) - Jan 8, 2015 -A Czech Motol University Hospital has awarded a contract for the supply of aA glucometer and related accessories to domesticA Tecom Analytical Systems CS Spol.A
Daily sugar check-up Patients should have a glucometer to check blood sugar several times daily.
Eman Sheshah, endocrinologist at the Prince Salman Hospital, second right, hands a glucometer to one of the patients at the Prince Salman Hospital in Riyadh.