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, lazaretto (laz'ă-ret, -ret'ō), Obsolete term for:
1. A hospital for the treatment of contagious diseases.
2. A place of detention for people in quarantine.
[It. lazzaretto, fr. lazzaro, a leper]


(lăz′ə-rĕt′ō) also




n. pl. lazaret·tos also laza·rets or laza·rettes
1. A hospital treating contagious diseases.
2. A building or ship used as a quarantine station.
3. often lazarette A storage space below deck or between decks on a ship or boat.


(1) Leprosarium. 
(2) A hospital for infectious disease(s). 
(3) A quarantine site.
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DON'T forget retro shops are also glory holes of accessories, handbags and shoes.
The most important thing is to keep the glass at a hot, constant temperature by dipping it into the glory hole,' she says, dipping the iron into a round, fiery hole which blazes away at 1100C.
For our shoot we found great vintage belts in The Glory Hole, a second hand store in Glasgow's west end and in Oasis and Cruise, Glasgow.
Other religious monuments like the Glory Hole and various other tube-like th eology attract yearly pilgrimages from devoted followers who rabidly wander the globe in search of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Their work will never stop and it is getting even harder to do nowadays.
Two small rooms lay either side of a central passage, there was a rear kitchen with a glory hole beyond and space for the chemical toilet, two bedrooms upstairs and not much more.
Fabulous second-hand cashmere and woollen jumpers and cardigans can be found in The Glory Hole, or Saratoga Trunk in Glasgow or Armstrong's in Edinburgh's Grassmarket.
Another element in the same pr int--a wall with a hole--proves to be the end product of images of a guillotine a glory hole, and a mechanism for cutting the filters off cigarettes.
Alife in the English countryside with a spaniel or two at heel, a well-worn tweed jacket in the glory hole under the stairs and a few acres to stride over would seem to suit Edward Fox down to his polished brogues.
But in the rush to re-use every square inch of living accommodation, people forget about the old fitted wardrobes, which usually become a glory hole.
However, there are several ways of using the attic for something more exciting than a giant glory hole.
Second-hand shops are a glory hole of old cashmere cardis and jumpers and the classic styles are perfect for now.