glomus choroideum

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 [glo´mus] (pl. glom´era) (L.)
a small histologically recognizable body composed primarily of fine arterioles connecting directly with veins, and having a rich nerve supply.
aortic glomus (glomus aor´ticum) aortic body.
glomus caro´ticum (carotid glomus) carotid body.
glomus choroi´deum an enlargement of the choroid plexus of the lateral ventricle.
coccygeal glomus (glomus coccy´geum) a collection of arteriovenous anastomoses formed by the median sacral artery close to the tip of the coccyx.
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choroid enlargement

the enlarged portion of the choroid plexus located in the atrium of the lateral ventricle; may become partially calcified with age and appear white in computed tomography scan.
See also: choroid glomus.
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glomus choroideum

An enlargement of the choroid plexus at its entrance into the lateral ventricle.
See also: glomus
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