glomerular crescent

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glo·mer·u·lar cres·cent

proliferated epithelial cells partly encircling a renal glomerulus; it occurs in glomerulonephritis.


1. shaped like a new moon.
2. a crescent-shaped structure.

glomerular crescent
proliferation of parietal epithelial cells lining Bowman's capsule in the kidney; may protrude into Bowman's space and eventually lead to destruction of the glomerulus.


pertaining to or of the nature of a glomerulus, especially a renal glomerulus.

glomerular basement membrane
the structure located between endothelial cells of renal capillaries and the visceral epithelial cells of the glomerulus. It functions as a barrier to filtration of large molecules.
glomerular capsule
Bowman's capsule.
glomerular crescent
see glomerular crescent.
glomerular filtrate
the acellular low-protein ultrafiltrate of plasma that passes the glomerulus.
glomerular filtration
glomerular filtration rate
varies widely depending on diet. It is the ability of the renal tubules to vary their absorbing capacity that ensures there is no great electrolyte loss during the periods of high rates of glomerular filtration.
glomerular lipidosis
characterized by the presence of large foam cells in glomerular tufts in dogs. They appear to have no disease significance.
glomerular permeability
in normal subjects the capillary endothelium of the glomerulus, by virtue of its fenestration, is permeable to all blood constituents except blood cells and colloids so that the glomerular filtrate has a close similarity to plasma and interstitial fluid but has a lower protein concentration than both of them.