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, pl.


(glō'bŭs, -bī),
1. A round body; ball.
Synonym(s): globe


(glōb) [Fr. globe, fr L. globus, ball, sphere, globe]
1. A ball or sphere.
2. The eyeball.

Patient discussion about globe

Q. How to get rid of puffy eyes? After partying all night, I woke up with puffy eyes. I have an important appointment today, how can I get rid of it?

A. I found a website with tricks on how to get rid of puffy eyes:

Q. What age does eye sight stabilizes? I was just wondering at what age does your eye sight usually level off and stop getting worse? Any ideas much appreciated!

A. It will stabilize in a few years-age of 26-27.That is the average age people perform lasik surgery.
It is also the age the eye is fully grown.
Don't worry it will not get much worse maybe about -0,75.
Take care

Q. What Causes Dry Eyes? I have been suffering from eye dryness lately, what causes this situation?

A. Dry eyes are often caused when the lacrimal gland does not produce sufficient tears to keep the entire conjunctiva and cornea, that are normally covered by a complete layer of tear film. This usually occurs in people who are otherwise healthy. Increased age is associated with decreased tearing. if it causes you real discomfort talk to a doctor.

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ESSEX, NY -- Known in the skateboard community as the globe-trotting Traveller, who has skated every comer of the planet, Kenny Reed now admits that he has not left his apartment in upstate New York for the last 10 years due to travel anxiety.
The next Indiana Jones flick will not be another father-son affair after Sean Connery said he will not return to play dad to Harrison Ford's globe-trotting adventurer Indy.
They had already logged an impressive globe-trotting tour, photographing themselves with the glorious gourd on the Statute of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, the Great Wall of China, and other iconic world landmarks.
"My new bedding collection continues to reflect the extraordinary vistas of my exotic globe-trotting," said Waites, who has visited the temples of China, the palaces of India and Turkey, and the ancient cities of Italy.
Logo originals continuing into the fall include First Comes Love, where host Scott Thompson follows gay couples looking to tie the knot; Wisecrack, a stand-up comedy show featuring all queer comics; the globe-trotting travel magazine Round Trip Ticket with host Will Wikle; and Open Bar, a reality show following Tyler Robuck's coming-out and the opening of his West Hollywood bar, iCandy Lounge.
"When you look at the night sky you can only see in two dimensions, but during a total eclipse, you can see in three," says 46-year-old Swiss limo driver Olivier Steiger, one of a band of globe-trotting aficionados of the phenomena.
Globe-trotting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who has been mesmerizing world diplomats in her new role, will be the subject of a new biography acquired by Rodale Inc., the company announced.
Volume I of the Tollan Trilogy, Banking, Beer & Robert the Bruce is the debut novel of globe-trotting ski instructor, insurance company worker, windsurfer, and restauranteur T.
Other recent globe-trotting test results are from the 2003 Program for International Student Assessment.
Written in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks, this globe-trotting survey of "what they think of us" is, given recent events, deeply saddening.
Money has long had globe-trotting tendencies, and the fortunes of countries have often been subject to rapid change.
Gallo's eventual admission that the virus he claimed to have discovered had actually been supplied to him by Montaignier was widely savored as the downfall of an arrogant, abusive, globe-trotting self-promoter who was ultimately undone by his overweening ambition to secure a Nobel Prize.