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Global village The dissolution of national borders in all aspects of human endeavor. See G7, Global medicine, Third world.
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Patient discussion about globalization

Q. What are the general symptoms of fibromyalgia?

A. pain...fatigue...i think this tutorial will cover all you need to know about FM:

Q. is allergy can be contagious? what generally , are the symptoms of allergy?

A. Allergies cannot be contagious, they are not caused by an infectious cause such as a bacteria or virus, and involve an intrinsic pathogenetic mechanism in each body. Some allergens we are exposed to (different materials) may cause an allergic reaction once, and the "memory" cells in out immune system recognizes the allergen the next time we encounter it, thus causing the pattern of - rashes, itching, sneezing, etc.

Q. What are the general benefit of exercise on physical and mental health?

A. Any activity will give strength whether mental or physical. While intentionally picked exercises helps physically and mentally in a regulated way. Physically they improve blood flow to body and make them strong and distribute nutrients. Mentally it helps to improve cognitive function, it protects brain cell and helps in depression reduction.

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The success of Yiwu and its location as a hub for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers is, according to the authors, an example of China's globalization at work.
The political implications of processes of globalization may present new political problems and challenges that yield changes and transformations in patterns of political agents, structures, and interactions.
It cannot be defined in terms of internationalization or integration as some theorists have suggested, though these developments might be an outcome of globalization. Globalization describes the interplay across cultures of macrosocial forces.
Those reforms, which left Britain with some of the tightest banking regulations, were themselves a form of retreat from globalization, as would be leaving the EU.
Many believes, the beginning of using the globalization term has returned to two published books in 1970.
They claim that the economic emergence of the developing countries has been the result of abusing the global trade playbook and taking advantage of globalization at the expense of the West.
Many economists hold the view that economic liberalization is crucial for economic growth of a country and globalization has made free movement of capital easier.
Arbitrage drives globalization. Whenever relative prices differ across countries, people can make money with a two-way, buy-low-sell-high arbitrage.
Within the current phase of globalization, it should be acknowledged that Christianity is being recovered as a global rather than Western religion, and that the centers of Christian faith are shifting from North America and Europe to Africa and Asia.
The study also finds that 61 percent of those polled see a clear correlation between globalization and higher economic growth prospects.
As countries, particularly the developing countries, have become more open in the recent years, the concern about globalization and its different effects on economic growth, poverty, inequality, environment, consumption patterns and cultural dominance have increased (Bhandari and Heshmati, 2005; Baldwin and Forslid, 2000).
Discussions on globalization often convey a sense that something new is happening to the world: a new world order is emerging, according to "hyperglobal" accounts (Held, 1995).