global warming

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glo·bal warm·ing

(glō'băl wōrm'ing),
A gradual increase in the temperature of the atomosphere and the oceans, observed since the late 19th century and thought to be due to the so-called greenhouse effect (reduction in radiation of heat from the Earth by an increase in CO2 concentration of the atomsphere). Possible public health effects of global warming include shifts in the habitats of pathogenic organisms and vectors, food crop failures, and health hazards associated with changes of climate (elevated average regional temperatures, drought, flooding).
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An increase of average global temperature—up to 1ºC—since the beginning of the 20th century
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glo·bal warm·ing

(glō'băl wōrm'ing)
A nonspecific colloquialism for the phenomena related to changes in weather pattern caused by generalized elevation of ocean temperature. Although still in dispute in some quarters, recognized as a dangerous and potentially overwhelming ecologic crisis; some scientists believe it may be possible to slow or reverse the trend through limitation of greenhouse gas emissions, which are thought responsible for the rise in global temperatures.
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Gallup's annual survey about the environment, conducted March 1-8, found that Americans' opinions about global warming, like many other issues, have increasingly become politically polarized.
( The Guardian reported that President Obama doesn't exactly have an explanation, either, for avoiding discusssing global warming during his recent campaign.
Global corporations need global warming fixed as badly as anyone does.
Gallup has previously found a significant partisan divide on Americans' attitudes concerning global warming. This partisan gap may be reflected in the trend by age group, with younger Americans tending to tilt toward the Democratic Party, and thus being more likely to adopt the Democratic position on global warming.
In the Peruvian capital of Lima, people seem to be curious about the past, and wonder, "What is the history of global warming?"
A survey of Missouri TV weather forecasters reveals a wide range of views on the issue of global warming and whether it is appropriate to cover occasionally as part of the daily weather fare for local audiences.
If St John wants to know about global warming, he should ask these gentlemen who do the gritting at 3am in cold bitter weather risking their lives.
Regardless of the perceived size of the risk, it is crucial for risk managers to consider the perils of global warming. How will global warming affect your business; products and services; markets; and production/service facilities?
In the article, titled "Obama Left with Little Time to Curb Global Warming," AP Science Writer Seth Borenstein wrote that global warming is "a ticking time bomb that President-elect Barack Obama can't avoid," and that "global warming is accelerating."
(A) Global warming causes more ocean water to evaporate.
In the past seven years, forecasters of human-caused catastrophic global warming have won over the press and a majority of the public to what is now described as the "consensus view." Global-warming skeptics not only are not listened to: they are considered lunatics and are ridiculed.
Yet global warming remains a politically divisive issue.

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