A hydrophilic or lubricated guidewire, generally used in the urinary tract.
See also: guidewire
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We changed the nitinol guidewire to a 0.035-inch guidewire (Glidewire, Terumo) and then inserted a 6-8 F vascular sheath (Cook Medical).
We inserted a guidewire (0.035 Glidewire [R]; Terumo Medical Corporation, Somerset, NJ, USA) and an angiocatheter (5-Fr pigtail; Cook Inc., Bloomington, IN, USA) into the aorta, and confirmed the opening of SCAA, root of SMA, and patent graft through an aortography [Figure 1]c.
Utilizing a hydrophilic Glidewire and 5 Fr Berenstein catheter, attempts were made to catheterize the right hepatic vein.
Two 0.035" guidewires (Glidewire, Terumo Corporation, Japan) were successfully advanced proximally to the ascending aorta from each side.
A 0.035-inch Glidewire was then advanced through the 4-French Omni flush catheter, which was subsequently removed and replaced by a 5-French straight multi-side-hole flush catheter.
Selective catheterization of the hepatic artery was performed using 4- to 5-F catheters with different shapes and an 0.035A hydrophilic guide wire (Glidewire, Terumo Europe, Leuven, Belgium); then a microcatheter (Progreate, Terumo Europe, Leuven, Belgium) was inserted coaxially.
Variables analyzed included study cohort, sex, type of ureteroscope used, use of a hydrophilic glidewire, use of a nitinol basket, previous ureteric stent placement, and stone factors (such as size, location, number, and presence of impaction).
Classical steps for pyeloplasty were then performed: spatulation of the ureter, introduction of a 6 Ch 26 cm double-J stent in an antegrade fashion down the ureter into the bladder (passed along a 0.035-inch glidewire).
"It builds on our proven performance in urologic access with the Glidewire Hydrophilic Guidewire and demonstrates our commitment to the urology space."
* Feed 035" glidewire into the TJ tube and take pictures of insertion until reached tip of TJ.
Superselective catheterization of the right lingual artery and the right internal maxillary artery was then carried out with a Rapid Transit microcatheter (Cordis; Miami Lakes, Fla.) over a Glidewire Gold Tip (Boston Scientific; Natick, Mass.).