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The d-form prevalent in nature. Antitussive agent found in Glaucium flavum, (G. luteum scop.), Papaveraceae and in Dicentra and Corydalis species, family Fumariceae.
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A group of semi-synthetic structural analogs of glaucine, including glaucine N-oxide (93) inhibited the central nervous system, caused a decrease in blood pressure, and had spasmolytic activity in laboratory's animals (Todorov and Zamfirova 1991; Petkov et al.
Only glaucine and laudanosine inhibited K+-induced uterine contractions more than oxytocin-induced uterine contractions.
KIKO's Firming Iridescent Cream, PS12.90,, a cream that turns into oil as you apply it, with active toning and firming ingredients, such as glaucine.
In this study, we investigated the potential inhibition of P-gp by representative SM from different chemical classes including phenolics (EGCG and thymol), terpenoids (menthol, aromaden-drene, [beta]-sitosterol-O-glucoside, and [bata]-carotene), and alkaloids (glaucine, harmine, and sanguinarine) (Fig.
Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effects of glaucine in rats and mice.
In this study, the cytotoxicity of some phytochemicals, including phenolics (EGCG and thymol), terpenoids (menthol, aromadendrene, [beta]-sitosterol-O-glucoside, and [beta]-carotene) and alkaloids (glaucine, harmine, and sanguinarine) were investigated alone or in combination with the cytotoxic monodesmo-sidic steroidal saponin digitonin in Caco-2, MCF-7, CEM/ADR5000, and CCRF-CEM cells.
WHITE Columbia: a powder, containing ethcathinone, a derivative of stimulant drugs called cathinones, some of which were banned last May RAZ: a powder, containing lignocaine, a local anaesthetic often used as a cocaine substitute ENERGY: a capsule, containing dimethylamylamine (DMAA), a stimulant replacing banned BZP ENTROPY: a capsule, containing glaucine, a relaxant with hallucinogenic effects GO-E: comes in tablet forms and contains DMAA and other substances STAR Dust: a powder, containing fluorotropacocaine, a cocaine substitute and local anaesthetic, and SN*BERRY: a powder, containing caffeine.
We determined the ability of some phytochemicals, including alkaloids (glaucine. harmine, and sanguinarine), phenolics (EGCG and thymol), and terpenoids (menthol, aromadendrene, 13-sitosterol-0-glucoside, and I3-carotene), alone or in combination with the saponin digitonin to reverse the relative multi-drug resistance of Caco-2 and CEM/ADR5000 cells to the chemotherapeutical agent doxorubicin.
Try Marks & Spencer Revival Cellulite Tone & Firm (pounds 9.50) which contains glaucine to help accelerate fat-burning, or Fisioline (pounds 29.94 from, which allows active ingredients to penetrate the cellulite layer.
Derivatives of the aporphine molecule comprise pharmacologically active compounds such as apomorphine, an agonist of dopamine receptors, and alkaloids with antidopaminergic actions such as the bulbocapnine, boldine and glaucine (Zetler, 1988).
Nosal'ova G, Strapkova A, Korpas J (1984) Antitussive activity of glaucine. Cs Fysiol 33 (1): 58-61