glandular system

glan·du·lar sys·tem

all the glands of the body collectively.
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Karen Watson has been disabled since birth due to a rare form of cancer which left her with tumours in her glandular system.
"In the last 18 months I had problems with major organs including kidneys, heart, liver, glandular system and more recently my immune system.
Pancreatic cancer develops in the exocrine glandular system of the pancreas.
I don't feel that any gland in the body should be treated without giving consideration to the rest of the glandular system. So, rather than focusing on the ovaries, I extend my formula to address the function of the adrenals, thyroid, pancreas etc.
Iodine is extremely important to the whole glandular system of the body.
Aids the glandular system and helps fight feelings of fatigue
This natural salt (iodide) found in certain foods acts as a radiation filter, preventing its uptake by the thyroid glands and shielding our glandular system and organs from electromagnetic damage.
Chlorine in tap water and chlorinated coffee filters, tissue paper, and paper towels can affect the glandular system, thus raising breast cancer risk.
Water helps keep our glandular systems balanced, and if we don't get enough of it, "our clarity is immediately off," Eggert said.
I believe that menopausal symptoms are the result of an underlying imbalance in one or all three of these glandular systems:
So, through the chanting, you actually affect all of these glandular systems. And the hypothalamus itself is known to trigger things like regulation of moods, emotional behavior, and sexuality.