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Lower power: the polyp is characterized by an arborizing network of smooth muscle bundles surrounded by benign glandular epithelium and normal lamina propria.
The expression of ER in glandular epithelium was significantly different between the endometriosis and normal control groups (10.95 [+ or -] 0.30 vs.
As we observed in Figure 3, P4 treatment considerably increased the expression of MTUS1 protein in luminal and glandular epithelium compared to vehicle treated control.
In the normal group we observed a glandular epithelium with cellular monolayer and an IL-4 signal in the basal area, while in the WOT and placebo groups we observed hyperplasic and hypertrophic regions and a poor IL-4 expression in the luminal region (Figure 5(a)).
During early adulthood, the glandular epithelium is increased by the infolding of the epithelium.
Morpho-functional characterization of glandular epithelium of uterine horns
These were observed under high power field for any apparent stratification of the glandular epithelium and it was recorded as present or absent.
For different locations but the same phase of the cycle, the expression of VEGF showed no statistically significant difference among the different compartments although the immunoreactivity was overall stronger in the luminal and glandular epithelium than that in the stroma (Figures 1AE, Table 2).
Activin receptors and inhibins were detected in the endometrial luminal and glandular epithelium and myometrium in the neonatal ovine uterus (Hayashi et al.
Mature teratoma termed as dermoid cyst by the clinicians accounts for nearly one third of all benign ovarian neoplasms.12 They consist of adult-type differentiated components such as skin cartilage and glandular epithelium.3