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Gingko biloba Mainstream medicine Gingkolides are effective in cerebrovascular insufficiency, which causes lacunar defects of memory, migraines, strokes, vertigo Toxicity Gingko may cause hypersensitivity; it should not be used in pregnancy, or in Pts with coagulation defects

Ginkgo biloba

, gingko (ging′kō bī″lō′bă) [Japanese (fr Chinese) ginkyō, silver apricot + L. bilobus, two-lobed]
An herbal remedy extracted from a deciduous tree of the genus Ginkgo, native to China, which has fan-shaped leaves and spherical cones. Ginkgo biloba is promoted as a treatment for memory loss and dementia, for tinnitus, and has been proven to be an effective treatment for intermittent claudication. Occasional side effects of its use include bleeding and augmentation of the anticoagulant effect of warfarin.


Ginkgo should be avoided by pregnant or breast-feeding women. It should never be used by people with bleeding disorders. It should be used only under medical supervision by people taking warfarin or other anticoagulants.


n Latin name:
Gingko biloba; parts used: leaves; uses: vascular insufficiency, antioxidant, circulation, cognitive enhancement, depression, headaches, tinnitus, altitude sickness, intermittent claudication; precautions: patients with bleeding disorders; those taking anticoagulants, MAOIs, platelet inhibitors. Also called
maidenhair tree, rokan, sophium, tanakan, tebofortan, or
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Evidence that Gingko biloba extract does not inhibit MAO A and B in living human brain.
I started to take gingko because I'm the youngest child of a family where several members have developed dementia in their early seventies.
Gingko Biloba is known to promote the blood circulation by enhancing the supply of oxygen.
Gingko and green teas are swimming around many of the same digestive tracts as gooey deserts.
Gingko Acquisition is making the solicitation and Offer to buy Information Resources common stock pursuant to the Offer to Purchase and related materials that Gingko Acquisition filed on July 14, 2003, as amended by Gingko Acquisition's filings on Schedule TO with the Securities and Exchange Commission on August 1, 2003 and August 4, 2003.
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This approach prevents the overestimation of flavonol glycoside content that will result by applying the current pharmacopoeial method to gingko extracts or products that have been adulterated with free flavonol aglycones (illustrated by three of the products we analysed).
According to a Gingko researcher, the tree is a privilege for Kashmir valley as it has got medicinal values to cure deadly diseases and illnesses.
However, the new record only lasted some 15 minutes as Francie Murray's Gingko shaved a spot off it in the next heat when beating Lunar Vacation by three lengths in 17.
Q: I am 86 years old and read an article written by a pharmacist some years ago about gingko.
No one remembers when they were planted on the small plot of land at the southeast corner of the national church office--two gingko trees whose leaf extracts, ironically, are reported to stop memory loss.
I take devil's claw, gingko biloba and multivitamins with calcium and thyroxine from my doctor.