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48) found that IL-8 concentrations were significantly higher in gingival tissue adjacent to probing pocket depth [less than or equal to] 3 mm and lowest adjacent to >6 mm sulci.
While data regarding dental and periodontal conditions is SCD patients are limited, there are no data regarding NO levels and the presence/expression of iNOS in the gingival tissues and GCF of SCD patients.
The upper lip is pulled slightly upward stretching the tissue and this is slowly lased, fully releasing the lip from the gingival tissue (Fig.
Localized hyperplastic gingival tissue was found adjacent to the mandibular right canine.
Some studies demonstrated that individuals with a thin phenotype had slightly more recession than subjects with wide and thick gingival tissues.
It covers 3-4 mm of gingival tissue to improve the esthetics and to optimize the movement.
26] In contrast, IL-10 expression in periodontitis lesions was less than that in healthy gingival tissue.
Given how readily NSAIDs are absorbed through gingival tissues, the new PerioChip Plus[R] formulation may offer effective attenuation of inflammatory mediators while also reducing the bacterial load of periodontal pathogens.
DNA microarray analysis of human gingival fibroblasts from healthy and inflammatory gingival tissues.
If osseous and gingival tissues are different for thick and thin tissue biotypes, it seems logical that these distinctions would significantly influence implant site preparation and treatment planning.
Subjects with intact maxillary anterior teeth and with healthy periodontal and gingival tissues were included in the study.
The concentrations of RANKL and IL-1 examined in the gingival tissue homogenates were significantly elevated in the diseased gingival tissues compared to healthy tissues, whereas OPG protein production was not significantly higher in diseased tissues than healthy tissues.