gingival recession

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the drawing away of a tissue or part from its normal position.
gingival recession the drawing back of the gingivae from the necks of the teeth, with exposure of root surfaces.

gin·gi·val re·ces·sion

apical migration of the gingiva along the tooth surface, with exposure of the tooth surface.

gin·gi·val re·ces·sion

(jinji-văl rĕ-seshŭn)
Apical migration of the gingiva along the tooth surface, with exposure of the tooth surface.
Synonym(s): gingival atrophy, gingival resorption.


pertaining to or emanating from the gum.

gingival hypertrophy, gingival hyperplasia
general or local gum overgrowth which may be severe enough to cover the crowns of the teeth and prevent the mouth from being closed. Common only in dogs. May be localized to one or several teeth, resulting in discrete, tumorlike masses (epulis), or diffuse, affecting the gums at all teeth locations. The latter form is familial in Boxer dogs and inherited as a recessive trait in Swedish silver foxes.
gingival index
a graded assessment of gingival health used in periodontal charting.
gingival pocket
see periodontal pocket.
gingival recession
the free gingival margin may recede towards the tooth root in association with resorption of alveolar and supporting bone in periodontal disease in dogs and cats. The cemento-enamel junction and root surface become exposed contributing to progression of dental disease.
gingival vascular hamartoma
rare congenital vascular anomaly on the gums of calves; lobulated masses covered with mucosa but may be traumatized; consist of vascular channels.
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