gingival pigmentation

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gin·gi·val pig·men·ta·tion

(jinji-văl pigmĕn-tāshŭn)
Coloration on gingiva that may be a variant of normal pigmentation; may be related to a patient's natural skin pigmentation or may be a sign of underlying disease.
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This study was a cross sectional study to verify the students' perception towards four gingival defects; namely: gingival recession (GR), black triangle (BT), gingival pigmentation (GP) and the gummy smile (GS).
The gingival pigmentation (GP) was the relatively most (p a$?
Results of this present study indicated that, among the four gingival defects, the gingival recession (GR) was the most unattractive defect, whereas the gingival pigmentation (GP) was the relatively most attractive.
Chemical agents responsible for gingival pigmentation (22)
Gingival pigmentation from systemically absorbed metals results from perivascular recipitation of metallic sulfides in the subepithelial connective tissue.
Gingival pigmentation was observed in two (Caucasian) subjects from the ABR zones and in two from the non-ABR zone.