gingival margin

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an edge or border.
gingival margin gum margin.
gum margin the border of the gingiva surrounding, but unattached to, the substance of the teeth.
margin of safety a calculation that takes the highest animal no observed adverse effect level and estimates a maximum safe level of exposure for humans. It is now generally superseded by the reference dose.

gin·gi·val mar·gin

1. the most coronal portion of the gingiva surrounding the tooth;
2. the edge of the free gingiva.
Synonym(s): cervical margin (1) , gingival crest

gin·gi·val mar·gin

(jin'ji-văl mahr'jin)
1. The most coronal portion of the gingiva surrounding the tooth.
2. The edge of the free gingiva.

gin·gi·val mar·gin

(jin'ji-văl mahr'jin)
1. Most coronal portion of gingiva surrounding the tooth.
2. Edge of free gingiva.
Synonym(s): cervical margin (1) , gingival crest.
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The histopathological processes begin by widening of the epithelial union's intercellular gaps, thus increasing external-internal communication and creating an inflammatory underlying lesion (initial lesion), which is progressively spread, destroying insertion connective tissue of the gingival matter; the epithelial union starts growing towards the connective tissue, apical on the radicular surface without increasing the sulcus' depth but rather the edema accompanying inflammation, thus coronally displacing the gingival margin (early and established lesions).
12, 27) Thirdly, the vestibular gingival margin must simulate the teeth cement-enamel junction, and there should be papilla between the teeth so that the smile's esthetics would be the ideal one.
Initial/white spot lesions were defined as opacities of white, or brownish colour with oval or round shape following the gingival margin with decreased enamel translucency and clearly defined from the adjacent enamel.
51) A soft cone-shaped rubber tip (Pik Pocket[R], Teledyne Water Pik, Fort Collins, Colorado) attached to an irrigator and placed 1 mm apical to the gingival margin can deliver irrigants to 90% of the depth of periodontal pockets [less than or equal to] 6 mm, and to 64% of the depth of pockets [less than or equal to] 7 mm.
The keratinized attached gingiva provides the periodontium with increased resistance to external injury, contributes to the stabilization of the gingival margin, and aids in dissipating physiological forces exerted by the muscular fibers of the alveolar mucosa on the gingival tissues.
The Maginot line in this battle appears to be that sacred barrier, the gingival margin.
The junctional epithelium and epithelial attachment extend to the most coronal level on the gingival margin.
Tooth preparation was done in relation to the right canine and left lateral incisor and canine with finish line was extended to the gingival margin.
Healthy gingival tissues have a free gingiva that extends from the free gingival margin coronally to the gingival groove apically.
The maximum mesiodistal width (perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the tooth) and the maximum crown-root length, (parallel to the longitudinal axis of the tooth and between the most apical point of the gingival margin and the most incisal point of the anatomic crown) of the maxillary central incisors, lateral incisors, and canines was recorded for each tooth.
They are localized at the gingival margin where there is the most exposure to oral bacteria of the plaque on the tooth surface, but not in the junctional epithelium.