gingival margin

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an edge or border.
gingival margin gum margin.
gum margin the border of the gingiva surrounding, but unattached to, the substance of the teeth.
margin of safety a calculation that takes the highest animal no observed adverse effect level and estimates a maximum safe level of exposure for humans. It is now generally superseded by the reference dose.
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gin·gi·val mar·gin

1. the most coronal portion of the gingiva surrounding the tooth;
2. the edge of the free gingiva.
Synonym(s): cervical margin (1) , gingival crest
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gin·gi·val mar·gin

(jin'ji-văl mahr'jin)
1. The most coronal portion of the gingiva surrounding the tooth.
2. The edge of the free gingiva.
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gin·gi·val mar·gin

(jin'ji-văl mahr'jin)
1. Most coronal portion of gingiva surrounding the tooth.
2. Edge of free gingiva.
Synonym(s): cervical margin (1) , gingival crest.
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The literature describes that the buccal bone plate has on average less than 1 mm thickness and that the bone remodeling that occurs after the exodontia will alter the vestibular gingival margin independent of the installation of an immediate implant [8, 9].
To achieve laser analgaesia, the laser was positioned at a distance of 2mm from the tooth surface on the gingival margin and slowly moved for 2 min duration using 60 mJ energy and 20 Hz frequency power (low energy, high frequency).
A chamfer was created on the cervical portion of the tooth using a diamond bur (FG2135, Swiss Dental Products, Grancia, Switzerland) and its limit was standardized at the gingival margin, simulating a clinical condition of no invasion of the biological space.
Different restorative techniques have been tried to improve bonding and arrest microleakage in deep proximal cavities filled with composites.6-8 Most of these studies have shown conflicting results and no standard protocol has been established that could be followed to have durable composite restoration in cases where gingival margin extends to cementum.
When the fracture line extends below the gingival margin, there is a high chance of microleakage from the gingival crevicular fluid and difficulty in isolation for postendodontic restorations.
Width of Keratinized Gingiva (WKG) was measured as the distance from the most coronal point on the gingival margin to the mucogingival junction, measured at the midpoint of the facial surface of the tooth.
A buccal sinus stoma was present between the mandibular central incisors at 1cm below gingival margin. There was slight gingival recession, pain on percussion, no mobility and there was no evidence of crown or root fracture.
The treatment of complicated crown-root fractures in many cases is compromised by tooth fractures that are well below the gingival margin or bone.
(2,11-18) To provide further information on the clinical benefits mentioned in previous studies (22) the association of collagen membranes with DFDBA was chosen in order to assess the histometrical healing response and because there is a lack of research evaluating the regenerative process by means of microscopy, evaluating factors such as epithelial proliferation, cementum and bone formation, as well as residual recessions of the gingival margin.