gingival crevice

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a fissure.
gingival crevice the space between the cervical enamel of a tooth and the overlying unattached gingiva.

gin·gi·val sul·cus

the space between the surface of the tooth and the free gingiva.

gin·gi·val sul·cus

(jin'ji-văl sŭl'kŭs) [TA]
Space between tooth surface and free gingiva.
Synonym(s): gingival crevice, gingival groove.
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Measurement of prostaglandin [E.sub.2] and leukotriene B4 in the gingival crevice fluid.
Resection or troughing of the gingival crevice can result in some gingival recession.
The surface is tested by running a pointed probe across the tooth surface at the entrance of the gingival crevice after the tooth has been properly dried.
The injectable matrix is hydrophilic and can be flushed away relatively easily from the gingival crevice. As with any foreign materials introduced into the oral cavity, there remains a small risk of residues' persist-ing in the gingival crevice.
He explains that gingival crevices are a battleground of dysbiosis, inflammation, and resulting obesity.
Gingivitis develops when supragingival plaque is allowed to accumulate along the gingival margin of the tooth and in the gingival crevices (sulcus) surrounding the tooth.
GCF samples were collected from distal side of upper canine gingival crevices. The tooth surface was dried gently and kept dry with cotton rolls.